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RISE (MP3 Download)


Track Listing/Samples:

1. Blessed Be Your Name

      01 Blessed Be Your Name

2. A Shield About Me

      02 A Shield About Me

3. Lord, Help My Faith

      03 Lord, Help My Faith

4. Never Grow Old

      04 Never Grow Old

5. Worthy Is The Lamb

      05 Worthy Is The Lamb

6. Alleluia, Lord!

      06 Alleluia, Lord!

7. Lord, Quiet My Mind

      07 Lord, Quiet My Mind

8. For You Have Promised

      08 For You Have Promised

9. I Love You, Lord

      09 I Love You, Lord

10. Rise Up And Build

      10 Rise Up And Build

11. Soliloquy And Prayer

      11 Soliloquy And Prayer

12. In Christ Alone

      12 In Christ Alone

13. Days Of Elijah

      13 Days Of Elijah

14. His Grace Reaches Me

      14 His Grace Reaches Me

15. Here I Am To Worship

      15 Here I Am To Worship

16. I Will Rise

      16 I Will Rise

17. There's A Stirring

      17 There's A Stirring

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