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Shelter Me (MP3 Download)


Track Listing/Samples:

1. Nearer, Still Nearer

      Nearer, Still Nearer

2. Poor Wayfaring Stranger

      Poor Wayfaring Stranger

3. Healing In Its Wings

      Healing In Its Wings

4. Speak, O Lord

      Speak, O Lord

5. How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

      How Deep

6. With Unveiled Face

      With Unveiled Face

7. Before The Throne

      Before The Throne

8. Be Still, My Soul

      Be Still My Soul

9. He Carried My Sorrows

      He Carrried My Sorrows

10. Until Then

      Until Then

11. Agnus Dei

      Agnus Dei

12. What The Lord Has Done In Me

      What the Lord Has Done for Me

13. This Is My Father’s World

      This is My Father's World

14. Lord, I Need You

      Lord, I Need You

15. Praise You In This Storm

      Praise You in this Storm

16. Highest Hope

      Highest Hope

17. 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

      10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

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